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Almost 12,000 vehicles were stolen in the Phoenix area JUST LAST YEAR.

Montage of car theft photos
Left-to-right: an auto thief picking a lock, a chop shop, and a crashed stolen car.
Car thief breaking in
Breaking into a car is simple. So is stealing one if it doesn't have a Ravelco.


The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is an easy-to-use add-on for your car, truck, or SUV that protects it from theft.

Alarms just make noise that people are conditioned to ignore. Factory immobilizers are far too easy to bypass or defeat. Keyless entry and remote start systems can be hacked and made to work for car thieves. GPS trackers don't work until it's too late. The Ravelco prevents the theft in the first place.

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is proudly made in the USA, and will not void your vehicle's warranty.

Your plug is made to only activate your vehicle's Ravelco — no one else's — and there is no master key possible.

The Ravelco socket and plug
The Little Gray Plug and its socket, aka the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

It's simple to use: insert the plug when you get in, then start the engine as usual. Unplug it after you shut off the engine, and take it with you when you leave your vehicle.

Check out this recent news story. Stealing cars, trucks, and SUVs is now easier than ever!

What It Is & How It Works

The Ravelco (pronounced ruh-VEL-co) Anti-Theft Device begins with a small socket that is installed in an easily-accessible place beneath or flush-mounted in the dashboard of your vehicle.

Ravelco socket in dashboard
Ravelco installed in a 2016 Ram 1500 and a 2003 Ford F250

A removable 16-pin male plug fits into this socket and makes all the electrical connections. When not in use, the plug connects to your keychain.

A hidden armored steel shield protects the wires from the rear of the socket on through to the engine compartment, where all the connections are made and camouflaged.

It is connected to two different systems on your vehicle's engine, ensuring that it will neither start nor run without the plug. But when the plug is inserted everything works as usual, except for remote start (if your vehicle is so equipped).

There are many thousands of different combinations possible, and each one is wired differently. There are no master plugs! Your neighbor's plug can't start your vehicle, and your plug can't start his.

It's an impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief. There are no bells or whistles...just results!

Why Ravelco?

Alarms just make noise. Remotes can be fooled into unlocking your doors. Factory resistor keys can be cloned. Trackers don't operate until the vehicle is stolen. Devices that fit on your steering wheel can be removed in a few seconds with a saw. Hidden cutoff switches can be found and flipped.

Most electronic gadgets and computer-laden vehicle security features can be defeated with devices available cheaply on the Internet, but the Ravelco can't!

It has been available for 40 years, over five million have been sold, and not one vehicle with a correctly installed and used Ravelco has ever been stolen.

The device has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for you, the original purchaser, as long as you own your vehicle.

What are people saying about Ravelco?

If it wasn't for your system being installed I would have walked out to an empty driveway this morning. Outstanding product.
-Justin C., Chandler
As far as someone trying to steal it by means of hot-wiring the truck, it's not going to happen. Thank you very much for saving my truck.
-J. Rammell, Tucson
After we installed your Ravelco Anti-Theft Device in all 23 of our trucks...not one piece of equipment has been stolen!
-Paul T., Flagstaff (trucking company)
The policeman who was called to the scene said if it wasn't for my Ravelco system I might have ended up in a ditch somewhere!
-Bernadette E., Tucson (foiled carjacking attempt)

What are people saying about car alarms?

From Insurance Zebra, June 2015:

...according to AAA, 80 percent of car thieves can disable a car alarm in under a minute.

From Popular Mechanics, September 2015:

The car alarm is both ineffective and annoying.

From The Atlantic, May 2016:

If two analyses done in the 1990s still hold, 95 to 99 percent of all car-alarm triggerings are literally false alarms.
...one 1997 analysis found that cars with alarms show no overall reduction in theft losses.

From Straight Dope, June 2015:

41 percent of stolen cars have alarms.

How To Get a Ravelco

Contact us, either by filling out the form below, or by calling us at 480-248-8378.

We accept cash and major credit & debit cards. Installation will require 2-3 hours and a place to work. We come to you, valleywide & beyond.

Contact us

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(All fields required.)

Contact us, either by filling out the form to the right, or by calling us at 480-248-8378.

One of our technicians will call and quote an exact price as well as schedule an appointment.

Appointments are generally available Monday through Saturday; please contact us to verify a specific date and time.

We are mobile installers; we do not have a shop. A technician will come to your location, install the device, and test it.

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device can generally be installed in three hours or less by one of our professional technicians. Please allow for at least this much time without the use of your vehicle.

We will need a safe place to work, and permission of the owner or property manager, with enough room to access to all areas of the vehicle. We also usually need an electrical outlet within 50 feet for a few light power tools. If this is not possible, please let us know when scheduling the appointment and we can work around it.

Shade in the summer is a huge help to us. This is the desert, after all.

For liability reasons, we cannot move your vehicle, but we will need your keys in order to test for proper functioning of the device after installation.

For most vehicles, the cost of a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device installed is $499 (plus tax). Some commercial vehicles and heavy equipment will cost slightly more, as the installation can be more complex. Please contact us for an exact quote for your vehicle.

We accept cash and major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Sorry, but we cannot accept personal checks. We do collect payment at the time of the install, immediately after testing.

About Us

About Ravelco of Phoenix, LLC

Ravelco of Phoenix, LLC, is proud to serve as the exclusive distributor of the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device for the Valley of the Sun (the Phoenix Metropolitan Area). We are dedicated to providing a security solution that has been proven over the last 40 years to be completely effective in preventing auto theft.

Phoenix skyline at sunset Phoenix skyline at sunset
Phoenix, Arizona: The Valley of the Sun

Ravelco of Phoenix, LLC, was formed by Mike McCarter and Bryon Schroeder, both Arizona natives. They came upon Ravelco while looking for an effective way to eliminate the theft of their own vehicles. Diverse backgrounds in information technology, auto insurance adjusting, fleet management, and public safety ensured that Mike and Bryon are well-equipped to succeed.

If you have any questions about the company or the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device, please contact us by phone at 480-248-8378480-248-8378 or fill out the form above.

We want you to be sure your car, truck, or SUV is where you left it.

About the manufacturer

Ravelco is the leader in manufacturing anti-theft devices for vehicles. In business since 1976, Ravelco has sold more than five million units without ever having a vehicle stolen by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco.

The Ravelco (pronounced ruh-VEL-co) Anti-Theft Device was first sold in Houston, Texas on July 20, 1976 by Vincent Raviele. Back in May, Raviele had walked out of a night club toward where he last parked his car, only to find it missing. After recovering the car and some parts, Raviele was determined that having a vehicle stolen would never happen to him again.

He searched every phone book and magazine in the country for some type of anti-theft device. Unhappy with the devices available, Mr. Raviele diligently worked day and night for nearly two months and developed the Ravelco. The only change that has been made since then are improvements in the materials used to manufacture the device itself.


What do I get when I order a Ravelco?

You get:

What comes with the unit
You will receive two Ravelco plugs, two quick-disconnect keychains, two window warning stickers, and an order form to obtain replacement plugs from the manufacturer.

What if I lose one or both plugs? What if I need more than two plugs?

We give you an order form (shown above) which allows you to easily order more plugs directly from the manufacturer for $50 each, whether for convenience or to replace lost ones.

Please keep this form safe and reachable, but if it is lost, you can download one from the manufacturer. The unit number can be found on the inside of the plugs, as well as the socket.

For more details, see here. These are the manufacturer's rules, not ours, and they are in place to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Please disregard their talk of using your check as your receipt. At this time, we cannot accept personal checks. We will provide you with a receipt, either paper or digital.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept cash and major credit or debit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal checks.

According to various sources in the financial industry, check fraud makes up between two-thirds and 90% or more of all losses suffered to fraud. We have bills to pay just like everyone does, and we can't afford to find out that we just gave someone a "freebie".

How will the Ravelco affect my vehicle's warranty?

In short, it won't. No matter what your dealer says, simply adding something to a car can't void the warranty.

Some dealers and some manufacturers get very provincial about what you do to your vehicle, and try to claim that anything you add will void the warranty. Sometimes this is because they want to sell you their version of something, and sometimes it's to avoid doing a warranty repair for free.

The Magnusson-Moss Act protects you from these claims. Frankly, we can't say it any better than the manufacturer does. Click here to see what they have to say:
Ravelco: Warranty FAQ

The bottom line is that no aftermarket device just voids your warranty, and that includes the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.

Will my vehicle behave any differently?

If you insert the plug before inserting your key or starting your vehicle, and take it out after shutting your engine off and removing your key, your vehicle will act exactly the same as before.

Just remember: FILO (FIRST IN, LAST OUT). Insert the plug BEFORE you insert your key or hit your "start/stop" button. Take it out AFTER everything else, right before you get out of the vehicle.

When you get in: plug in, start, and drive!

When you get there: turn off, unplug it, and take it with you!
Remember, FILO: First In, Last Out

Will the Ravelco affect my remote start system?

Remote start is a convenience, but also a huge risk. There is no way anyone can protect your vehicle from theft if it is allowed to start with no one in it. Radio signals can be hijacked, faked, or bypassed entirely with the right electronic gadget. In some vehicles, it's easy to replace the computer with a hacked one, disabling all the factory anti-theft features in a matter of seconds.

That's why the Ravelco works: it is vulnerable to none of these techniques. Unfortunately, this means that using the Ravelco correctly will disable your remote start system. It is really a matter of choosing between convenience and security; we would rather make sure your car, truck, or SUV is where you left it.

Will the Ravelco affect my factory alarm? Can I use an aftermarket alarm along with the Ravelco?

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device should not interfere with any factory or aftermarket alarm if both are installed correctly.

Just let us know before we install your device if there is a factory or aftermarket alarm installed, or whether you will be having one installed after your Ravelco is installed.

Every vehicle is different, and we want to make sure that nothing will interfere with the functioning of yours, or with your peace of mind when you lock it and leave it.

What if I'm not in the Phoenix area?

We're the exclusive distributor for the Phoenix area, and we can serve much of Central and Northern Arizona.

If you're anywhere in Southern Arizona, be sure to contact the fine folks at Tucson Ravelco.

If you're not in Arizona at all, don't worry! The Ravelco is available all across the United States, as well as a few other countries!

To find out where you can get a Ravelco for your vehicle, visit the manufacturer's website here: Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.

I have a question that you haven't answered here.

Please contact us using the form above or give us a call at 480-248-8378480-248-8378.

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